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1920s Black And White Wingtip Shoes

1920s Black And White Wingtip Shoes

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How to Wear

To make these shoes come alive, we recommend wearing them with one of our black and white stripe retro-style double-breasted suits for an authentic vintage look. These Black and White 1920s-style wingtip shoes feature Shiny Black Patent leather and White Smooth Leather Uppers with leather lining with a real vintage vibe. They are made in the same factory as the Stacy Adams Madison Shoes, so you know they have that authentic vintage vibe. If you're shopping online for either vintage 1920s style Black and White Wingtip shoes or Black and White Spectator shoes, you'll do yourself a real favor by getting yourself a pair of these Stacy Adams Wingtip Shoes called the Dayton. Since Stacy Adams shoes make these shoes, you know they will look great, fit great, and last. Black and White Wingtip Shoes have become very popular for Men who are into Zoot Suits or 1940s Swing Dancing and stage productions. Stacy Adams has been making vintage shoes that go on the feet of style-minded men for generation after generation. By making consistently fitting dress shoes that look good and fit well on your feet, confidence is quickly gained once you start wearing Stacy Adams wingtips. Once you make that initial step in buying your first pair of Stacy Adams wingtip shoes, it won't be long until Stacy Adams becomes the go-to brand of stylish wingtip shoes again and again. That is how hard they strive to maintain your business year after year.


These shoes feature a refined toe cap meticulously crafted to resist deformation. Your shoes will maintain their shape, ensuring a sharp and polished look even after extended wear.


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